Pari Luxury Gifts – true luxury at your fingertips

Looking for that perfect gift? Pari Luxury Gifts brings together some of the best luxury brands in Karachi for a unique gifting experience at your fingertips. Pakistanis are a warm and generous people and Karachi has some fantastic vendors that make luxurious gifts for every occasion. Buying them quickly and securely online has not always been easy though, which is where Pari Luxury Gifts comes in. We’ve brought together some of the best luxury gift brands in Karachi and arranged to deliver your gifts in pristine condition – as if you’d dropped them off yourself.

These emerald cut studs from Allure are elegant and wearable

Why Pari? Pari means fairy in urdu and is close to the founder’s name which means angel. An angel is often a messenger and Pari will be your messenger – a swift, delightful creature carrying exquisite packages of affection.    

Whether your looking to send flowers to someone in Karachi or a perfect birthday cake, whether you’re looking for jewellery or a baby basket, we have a wonderful selection of brands, with an emphasis on aesthetic appeal and luxury. Many of our vendors are small, aritisanal brands and we also stock small, seasonal collections. Take the stress out of buying the perfect present by letting Pari Luxury Gifts help you find the perfect gift in Karachi.

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